Sad News

It is with great sadness that we write to let you know that Dr. Atmaram Gawande passed away peacefully, Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2011, at 6:10 p.m. EST, at the age of 76, from complications of cancer. The son of Sitaram and Gopikabai Gawande, he was born and raised in the small village of Uti in the Indian state of Maharashtra in a family of seven brothers and five sisters. He graduated from Nagpur Medical College in 1962 and came to New York City for his training in general surgery. There he met and married his wife, Dr. Sushila Gawande, and started a family. He obtained his specialty training in urology at Martland Medical Hospital in Newark, New Jersey. He and his family settled in Athens, Ohio, in 1973, where he became a widely respected urologist at O’Bleness Memorial Hospital and prominent local leader and philanthropist. He has served as hospital chief of staff, president of the Athens County Medical Society, and doctor to more than 25,000 patients in the community. He was a devoted Rotarian, serving as local president and, after his retirement from surgery in 2009, as district governor, and led numerous humanitarian projects both locally and abroad. He loved the generosity, lifelong friendship, creativity, and vibrancy of the people of Athens. He also committed a major portion of his life and resources to developing the education and economy of the region in India where he had grown up. He was especially proud of his role in developing GSG College, Umarkhed, Maharasthra, a rural college that now provides an advanced education to 2,000 students a year in a region that had no college. He is survived by his wife, Sushila of Athens; two children, Atul of Newton, Mass., and Meeta of Jersey City, N.J.; and three grandchildren, Walker, Hattie and Hunter Gawande. A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m., Aug. 20 at the Margaret Walter Hall Rotunda, South Green Drive, Ohio University, Athens. Arrangements are with Jagers & Sons Funeral Home. In lieu of flowers, donations should go to the Athens Rotary Foundation — Gawande Scholarship fund, which provides tuition assistance for Hocking College and Ohio University students. Address: P.O. Box 681, Athens, OH 45701. Please share a memory, a note of condolence, or sign the online register book at, or by sending a message to

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Happy New year

Dear friends

It is now 10 weeks post radiation. I am gaining stength every day.

We had a wondeful Thanksgiving as my children and grand children  and also  my brother Tukaram his wife Sunanda were with us. In addition his son Ashish and daughter Vidhya joined us with their 3 children each, So we 19 relatives with 9 children. Gala of loving people.

Well I must tell you  about my dear friend Sheila Mark who has been coming every day to support me. Well she is a physical therapist so she is giving me myofascial realese treatments for my back.. I don’t know what I would have donee without her. She is an Angel sent for me.

Well we both have been working on several projects together on books. We compleated our book on my District conference. It is compendum of every thing that went on for a whole year. It is amazing thing and took us 2 months to put it together. You have to see it to believe it.

Another miracle is I forgot about my back pain and hand pain as we were engrossed in making a book. Sheila is grest with computer work that is a blessing.

We also worked on the book on  water project that I did in 1992. We put text and all related story.. It brought back  many sweet memories. The book is abosolutely great .

I have accomplished a lot with my friend Sheila.

Well to recuperate from my illness I needed to treat my body and my mind and my spirit.

My wife Sushi My friend Sheila and all of you are with me. I am not alone. That is a powerful healing factor.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Friends,

I especially want to thank you for being with me all this year. Your love, affection and support made me stronger, and I felt never alone as I was surrounded by you.

This 2010 Thanksgiving has a special meaning to me as I see the gift of life & appreciation of life in a very unique way. I had taken many things for granted. The simple things life gives are magnificent.

Now I have learned to be thankful for every little thing that life is giving.
I am having my children, grandchildren, my brother and his children and grandchildren visiting. 17 of us will be sitting, eating and just having a good time. I am thankful for all the gifts of life.

Thanks for being part of my life.

Ram & Sushi

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Four Weeks Post Radiation

It is now 4 weeks after the end of radiation.  I am pleased to let you know that I am feeling better and gaining weight.  Only problem is no taste of food yet.  I think I will get the normal taste of food in a week or so.  Thanks for your support, good wishes and prayers.  I am blessed.  Love, Ram

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Ringing the Bell

Today is a special day as I finish my last treatment. It was a long ordeal of 6 weeks away from home. I sustained only because of my wife’s loving care, my visit to my grandchildren, Atul, Meeta & Katheline.  I watched the US open tennis with Atul.  Hunter beat me at Connect 4 and I accepted that gracefully. Katheline fed us well.

My friend PDG AC Moncrief  cheered me all the time and connected with my classmates.  My family from India & brother Tukarm from Texas called all the time. Athens friends were extra nice to give transportation, food & love. You all were very dear to me as you kept me in your thoughts. This is what sustained me.

So I stand to ring the bell with my wife & friendly radiation team.
One journey has ended, another begins.
I ring the bell for treatments ended.
I ring the bell for wounds mended.
Thanks for listening to my story,
Now I proclaim !!!
I celebrate life by ringing this Bell.

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Six treatments to go!

Dear friends
Sorry I had been under the weather fir last week.
The good news is now only 6 treatments to go. Last day is Oct 12
This is my day of celebration.

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September 29, 2010

Dear friends:
I must admit that laziness is creeping on me; I am sorry for that. I tell my self that I will do it later and that does not happen.

Anyway, my last week was a little lazy, low energy, low appetite, but that is what is expected – no reason to feel low. I saw my oncologist and he is pleased with my progress . That is an encouraging, positive thing.

I am pushing my self to do better to eat, walk brisk and that is what I am doing & that is helping.
Now only 10 treatments are remaining & I am looking optimistically to end this ordeal. My left hand function is better, the pain is less, and that is making me happy.
You all are cheering me to get over the hurdle .
Thanks to my dear family and friends
My love and kisses.

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